Our Leadership Team

Our senior leadership team combines a global perspective, extensive industry expertise, and a passion for using technology to address real-world consumer problems.

Ángel Hidalgo

International Chief Growth Officer

Born in Barcelona, globetrotting Angel co-founded Rastreator.com as CIO back in 2009 and was instrumental in building the brilliant team and special culture that makes the brand so unique today.

Since then he has held multiple roles including Online Marketing Director and Head of Multiproduct, in addition to assisting with Techlens Global.

With both parents as Doctors, Angel was faced with a tricky decision between studying Computer Science Engineering and Medicine at degree level. He’s never looked back though, and having completed his degree at Newcastle University in the UK, he carried out a Masters in Open Source Software in Liege, Belgium.

With a passion for knowing and understanding different cultures, Angel’s mantra is, ‘Never turn more years than countries you have visited’. With 90 countries under his belt so far, we think he’s in a good place for the years ahead.

Victor López

CEO – Rastreator.com

Victor López is the CEO of Rastreator.com, Spain’s most popular comparison site. He puts much of his focus into the business, the team and its unique culture.

Víctor joined Rastreator in 2015, initially launching Finance products (loans, mortgages, accounts…) and heading Insurance product since 2019, before stepping up to lead Rastreator in 2023.

Before Rastreator.com, Víctor completed the international graduate program at ING Bank in the Netherlands and Belgium and worked with different insurers as business development manager. Víctor currently resides in Madrid with his wife and two children. He likes spending time with his family, learning new sports, and playing football, his favourite sport!

Itzal Arbide

CEO – LeLynx.fr

Itzal joined Rastreator.com in 2014, initially as CMO and then as Insurance Director. In January 2019, and practically coinciding with her return from maternity leave, Itzal did not hesitate to accept the new challenge of moving to France with her family to become Lelynx.fr’s CEO.

Since then, Itzal has worked together with her team to help make it easier for French consumers to make decisions about insurance, and LeLynx.fr is now one of the market leading comparison platforms in France.

With an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa, Itzal has more than 15 years of experience in tech and e-commerce. Fluent in English, French, her native Spanish and also speaking some German, she has a broad international background having worked in the UK, France, Germany, Australia and Spain.

Under the guise of ‘exercising’, in her free time Itzal loves to hop on a bike and tour all corners of the city with her husband, to find the best Parisian boulangerie.

Pilar García

CEO – Rastreator.mx

Pilar Garcia holds a tourism degree from the University of Oviedo as well as a degree in advertising, public relations & marketing from the San Pablo CEU University in Madrid. She began her professional career at an early age it has been full of challenges & learning. Throughout her life & professional career, she has lived by the maxim that if you don’t enjoy what you do, if you don’t get to work with enthusiasm, & if you don’t believe that professional initiatives are equally personal, it’s time to change what you do.

She was the chief of operations at the Seguros.es brokerage before joining Rastreator Mexico. Angel Hidalgo launched Rastreator Mexico in 2017, & Pilar Garcia has been the new CEO since 2022. Rastreator Mexico was challenging, but it helped her grow professionally.

She overcame the professional hurdles of migrating from Madrid to Mexico City & starting a project thanks to her perseverance & discipline. “Busy hands, happy tiny head,” is the motto she lives by every day. She motivates & encourages her staff to accomplish their best while wearing a bright smile.

Tejinder Singh

Country Head – Techlens Global

Tejinder Singh Barnala is Country Head for Techlens Global, leading the technology teams that help power the engines behind several of Techlens Global’s price comparison brands.

Tejinder joined the business in 2009 as an Enterprise Database Architect, he is highly skilled in database technologies, machine learning, cloud solutions, architecture & amp and IT strategy planning. Apart from being MCSE certified, he has been an active contributor in database technologies summits, drawing on his vast experience in IT and Database Technology firms including SDG Software, First Europa & Darcl Logistics.

When not at work, Tejinder enjoys spending time with his family and – of course – watching cricket!

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